Innovation is at the core of Axon

Axon’s foundational technology revolutionizes the digital asset custody market by keeping your digital assets safe. We create our products with a great user experience, full transparency, and innovative solutions for cost-efficient connections with key services in the ecosystem.

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We aspire to build a world where everyone has access to financial sovereignty. We foresee a future where individuals have full control over their assets and data, independent of centralized intermediaries.


Our mission is to build a trustless and frictionless infrastructure to maximize digital asset utility. We strive to revolutionize the DeFi landscape by providing secure, transparent, and efficient solutions that empower users to fully leverage the potential of their digital assets.

Our team has a deep knowledge of both the technology and working processes of traditional finance and DeFi systems. This allowed us to create a solution to bridge the gap between these two financial worlds, and shape a new bright future for the Defi world.

Partners & Investors
Management & Advisors

George Stoyanov

Co-founder & CEO

• Cover of Forbes October, 2016
• ex-Google X, ex-Uber, ex-Microsoft
• Founder of biggest AI & Deep Learning course in SU

Slavina Milenova

Co-founder & Head of Ops

• ex-PWC
• ex-Director of BNV & EuroFinConsult
• Strategic consulting of iBank, AXA
• MBA at Paris School of Business

Galin Mihaylov

Co-founder & Head of Marketing

• ex-Director of BNV, ex-MKB Bank
• co-founder of MaxFair (DeFi iGaming)
• Led campaigns of Unicredit Bank, KBC, AXA

Nikola Penchev

Co-founder & Head of Legal

• ex-founder of Tax Monkey
• co-founder of
• Director of Legal and Tax Consulting with over 100 clients

Ivaylo Chernev

Head of Engineering

• ex-Senior Engineer at Uber
• ex-VMware, ex-IBM
• Medalist in EE Olympiad of Informatics

Dr. Ömer Demirel


Director at Avalanche Foundation

Kyle Chassé


Founder of Master Ventures and CEO of PAID Network

Alexander Popov


ex-Site Lead at Uber & Skyscanner

Ryan Mueller


CEO at Phantom Compliance

Bob the reBuilt


Chief Fudder at G House Capital & Deep DeFier

Join us in expanding our community of customers and contributors, and become part of a team dedicated to enhancing our collective strength, skills, and ability to perform our work.

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